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In just about two weeks I will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime as I travel across the world by myself to New Zealand.  I will be spending six weeks there from January to March. This is a part of a study abroad program that you could say I am somewhat pioneering at Morehead State University. If all goes well, hopefully more students will have this opportunity.

I will be spending the first four weeks in the north island with my host family in the city of Auckland. There I will have the opportunity to work in a middle school.  I will be working with students with and without disabilities.  Along with working with the students, I will also be able to work with the teachers and observe their classrooms, teaching strategies, and classroom management techniques.  I hope to bring as much back as possible, learning new strategies, and implementing them in my future classroom. Also, I hope to take what I have already learned in past classes and offer as much as I can to the students and teachers while I am there.

When I am not in school or working on assignments I will be touring the country and seeing all the majestic beauty it has to offer.  If you have seen any of the Lord of The Rings movies, The Hobbit, or the Narnia series….that is New Zealand. My last week I will be flying down to the south island by myself and backpacking the country and finding as many adventures as possible.

I am so excited and blessed to be able to have this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible for me. While I am there I will be giving updates and information about my trip through this blog.  So please follow me and pray for me while I am there. God bless you all.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Joan Zone and commented:
    Jordan is a fantastic young man. I swear one of these days I’m going to steal him from his parents. Jordan is globe-trotting doing what most of us only dream of as he helps a group dear to my heart – special needs kids. Follow Jordan’s adventures.


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